After 2 weeks of your training, I can now handspring, something I have been trying to learn for the last 3 years. Just thought you should know how amazing you are!!
Lesley (online client)
Can’t thank you enough. This is going to be a really successful app. Your program is exactly what I was looking for! Can’t wait to join your Facebook group.
Melanie (online client)
Just started this week and am really enjoying it! The app is super clear and easy to follow – I like the way it repeats so I can listen to your instructions whilst I am doing my reps. It is good to have the written and visual guidance and different levels to make things easier or more difficult! Fab!
Anni (online client)
I tried your handstand gym session on Sunday, and I am feeling it today!! This is just what I need to get myself training again. I love being able to film myself, keep notes etc and this has really motivated me to get my butt in gear.
Les (online client)
I’ve been working with Neo since October. She is a great accountability partner, even from across the pond! She’s helped me be more conscious of what I’m eating and how I’m moving. Life changing!! Highly recommended!!
Kate (online client)
Before my coaching, I was lost, I didn’t know how to plan my weekly training 🤔😨😱 it was very stressful for me.Now, I have the serenity that all is going in the right way 😊🤗😊Thank you … your coaching means a lot for me.
Melie (online client)
Neo has been the best and keeps me super accountable. Run don’t walk to contact her.
Krystle (online client)
Third week of training with Neo…. Just did a clean set of six nice chin ups, after being stuck at four for months. Sometimes the best results are when we least expect them!! THANK YOU NEO!
Marzia (online client)
You have more impact on me than any personal trainer I’ve worked with here in the states. It means a lot how hard you work to make all of this happen!
Christine (online client)
I DID IT!!!!!! Week 8 of the shoulder mount course and I did my first proper shoulder mount today! Omg this course really works!! Thank you so much Neola. Without this course and the advice I would never have mastered this move in 8 short weeks. Absolutely incredible!
Amy (online client)
Honestly, I’ve done the online workout thing before, and yours is so much better. With others, I didn’t get the trainer actually addressing me as an individual with individual needs (different injuries, body types, issues, etc).
You’ve been so supportive and amazing. I feel like I’m finally doing something that not only works, but the videos and constant messaging helps me feel like I have someone there with me, and that really helps.
Angela (online client)

    5 star review  I am so impressed with the Pole PT that I am planning on continuing with all of Neo’s specialized programs. I’m only into my second week of the no kick invert program and I feel so much stronger and more confident that I will reach my goal eventually. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of interaction Neo puts into the feedback, and how quick she is to respond to any questions. I highly recommended any of the Pole PT programs, thanks Neo, your awesome

    Angela Tierno OKeefe Avatar Angela Tierno OKeefe
    May 11, 2018

    5 star review  I've been working with Neo for about 6 months now and I can't say enough good things about her! She's knowledgeable, patient, kind and she really understands the needs of the pole community. While I'm a pole teacher and a certified personal trainer, like the fictional "cobbler's children" who are the last to get shoes, my own training for competitions and showcases is always last after my other commitments. Having Neo not just for accountability but using her wonderful app th... at I don't have to think about, I just have to do it, has absolutely increased my strength without impacting my flexibility. She also works well with the other folks I use to assist with physical therapy to give me a seamless one-stop-shop to improve my performance and pre-hab routine. If you have any qualms about working with a remote trainer, banish them right now. She works with whatever equipment you have access to or none if that's the case and her supportive emails and notes makes it feel like she's also you're own personal therapist. Really, can't recommend her enough. <3 Meer weergeven

    Colleen Jolly Avatar Colleen Jolly
    June 8, 2018

    5 star review  If you have a pole fitness goal that you want to work on at home, I highly recommend Neo. I’m in the middle of the 6-week strength and stretch for splits program, and am enjoying it and achieving progress. I started the 8-week no-kick invert program a while ago, and had to finish early (non-pole related injury), but can’t wait to complete it later this year – in the few weeks I did, I had a noticeable increase in strength in my pole classes. Neo’s programs are very goal focused. They require a three workout a week commitment, and it isn’t easy, but with Neo’s support and the brilliant app, my motivation is really high!

    Sharon Rayner Avatar Sharon Rayner
    May 11, 2018



My personalised programmes are completely customised to you – YOUR equipment, YOUR level, YOUR goals. I don’t just write your workouts and leave you to it – I’m your coach 24/7 and always on hand to support you through your programme. Think of it like a concierge service for your pole training!

To allow me to give this level of attention to my clients, I have to limit the number of coaching spots available.

**I am fully booked and my waiting list is currenty closed!**

Please check out my non-personalised pre-set programmes which you can start right away.

Alternatively, you might be interested in my book ‘Strength and Conditioning for Pole‘ which provides all the benchmark testing and exercise progressions I use with my pole athlete clients, so you can build your own pole-specific training programme.

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