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Week 1 progress! This after a week is probably the closest I’ve ever been to front splits, definitely the closest since I had knee surgery (3 years ago). Thank you Neo, I’d say program is working!!!
Marzia (online client)
The programme has massively improved the quality of my splits as my splits are now much squarer. My left hand side splits wasn’t as good as my right, but after the course, it now is. I absolutely loved it the course.
Amy (online client)
My splits have definitely improved – they feel more relaxed and flexy and I am lower to the floor now than when I initially started!
Makeda (online client)
I was playing a bit on the hammock after training, I realised I’m not scared of being in my semi-splits on it anymore. The fact I feel secure like this now is unbelievable. Thanks Neo!
Marzia (online client)

online splits programme for pole dancersHaving flexibility to do the splits is right up there on most pole dancers’ never ending ‘to-do’ lists! There are so many split-based moves in pole, so unlocking your front splits really does open up a whole new world of pole tricks.

But HOW you train for splits is important. Even if you can do the splits on floor, it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do them in the air!

The ability to use your own strength to extend into a splits position, when you don’t have the floor, a wall, a pole or a friend to push against is known as ‘active flexibility’. And that’s exactly what we train in this 6-week programme.

It’s so important to strengthen as well as stretch for your splits – being strong in those end range positions not only means you can move into them gracefully, but building strength and stability around the hip and knee joints also helps to prevent injury.

This 6-week Strength and Stretch for splits programme includes a combination of:

  1. Passive stretching 
  2. Active stretching
  3. Strength work 
  4. And neural mobilisation

to help you get your splits not just more ‘splitty’ – but stronger, too!

It is a progressive programme that builds in intensity as the weeks progress and is provided through the Pole PT app with video demos of every move and scheduled workouts that you can ‘check-into’ as you work through the programme, to help keep you on track.

Check out the video below for more info…


Ready to achieve your splits safely and get them stronger than ever?

Who is this programme for? Whether you have been training splits for a long time or you are just getting started, this programme is for you if you want to get your splits in a progressive, safe and effective way.

The programme is progressive, which means that the strength and active flexibility exercises gradually get harder as the programme progresses. Not ready for the next progression? – just stay with the previous one.

Splits programme for pole danceWill you get your splits in 6 weeks? Time and patience is required to build lasting flexibility and forcing things too quickly will usually lead to injury. You may well get ‘touch down’ by the end of the 6 weeks (see testimonials pics for proof of this), but it really depends where your starting point is. What I will promise you is that by the end of the programme, as long as you stay consistent with your training, you will definitely be closer – and you will have a full toolbox of exercises and all the knowledge you need to go forth into the world and conquer your splits.

Who is this programme not for? If you have any existing injuries or pain in the lower back, hamstrings, hips, quads, butt or calves, this programme may not be for you. If that sounds like you, please go to a physio for an evaluation before working on your splits.

Programme includes:

  • 3 x workouts every week
  • Plus – optional weekly ‘Hot for Splits’ workout
  • Accountability! Scheduled workouts and check-ins to keep you on track
  • Progress tracking – we do flexibility tests in Week 1, Week 4 and Week 6 so you (and I) can celebrate your progress
  • Access to my private, client-only Facebook support group
  • All provided direct to your computer, tablet or mobile phone through the Pole PT app

What you need to know

Please note: This programme is NOT personalised. If you’d like me to create a fully customised programme, check out my online personal training page.

And please remember: it takes some polers years to get their splits flat! This 6-week programme will give you all the tools you need to nail your front splits faster and can be repeated as many times as you need, with moves advanced or modified, depending how quickly you progress. You will have access to your programme in the app for 2 and a half months. At any time during that period, you can log into your account online and download PDFs of the workouts so you can keep them forever.


All workouts can be done at home, but you’ll need the following equipment:

  • Foam roller
  • Yoga blocks
  • Strap
  • Theraband type resistance band
  • A set of dumbbells for your strength workout

Ready to smash your pole goals? Scroll to the top, check out the testimonials and hit ‘add to basket’. If you have any questions at all, you can email me any time: neola@thepolept.com