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Progress faster, perform better and reduce your risk of injury with exercise programming designed for pole dancers! Includes: anatomy of pole, mobility, flexibility and strength!

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Progress faster, perform better and reduce your risk of injury with exercise programming designed specifically for pole dancers!

Whether you compete professionally or are taking your first tentative steps around the pole, this book sets out a framework from which you can create your own pole-specific training programme, based on your unique goals and individual level.


  • Explains the sports science theory behind pole-specific programming
  • Analyses the biomechanics and physical demands of pole
  • Provides performance measures and a framework for building your own programme
  • Includes a library of ‘on’ and ‘off the pole’ exercises *with exclusive access to online videos of each exercise!*

A well-designed strength and conditioning programme should reflect the characteristics and skills of an athlete’s sport, as well as the muscle groups used, mechanical forces involved, and energy systems utilised. Just like Lewis Hamilton’s strength coach will programme Formula 1-specific exercises (like neck strength drills so he can handle the 5Gs of force his body will face on the race track), pole athletes can benefit from pole-specific exercises that will help them to achieve the movements and shapes they need to make on the pole.

This book analyses the movements, shapes and physiology of pole dance and provides a step-by-step formula so you can benchmark your strength and flexibility and work towards improving it in a logical, progressive way that is unique to pole.

If you are just starting out in pole – using this book will help you to create a foundation and a logical approach to your training that will stand you in the best possible stead for your future success as a pole dancer.

For intermediate and advanced pole dancers – this book will help you pinpoint and work on the areas that might be holding back your progression and give you a training structure so you can look after your pole body better for the long term.

If you are a pole dance instructor – this book is the perfect resource to geek out on the anatomy of pole dance. It will help you understand your students’ unique pole dancer bodies so you can help them reach their full potential and structure your studio’s syllabus in the safest, most optimal way.

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Publication date: 20 September 2019

Pole dance anatomy

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“Congratulations The Pole PT on writing such an incredible resource for pole dancers and coaches. I can’t recommend this book enough!”
Joanna Nicholas Ph.D - Pole Dancing Research

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