Push ups for pole dancers

We talk A LOT about pulling strength in pole. And that’s no surprise given the amount pulling we actually do on the pole! Getting strong as hell in pulling exercises like chin ups and pull [...]

Learn pole faster! 8 ways to maximise your training time (Part 2)

When you try that cool new spin and feel as coordinated as a giraffe stepping off a waltzer? Yup. Welcome to the wonderful process of learning a new movement pattern. In my last post, we [...]

Boost your pole skillz: 8 ways to maximise your training time (Part 1)

Strength is crucial for pole performance, and you all know I could talk the tail off a mermaid about the importance of strength training for pole. Buuuut, there’s no getting around the fact that pole [...]

Show that sticking point who’s boss with the assisted handspring deadlift!

Sticking point in your handspring deadlift? Getting the deadlift rage?  I hear ya! Using a resistance band to assist with your handspring deadlift can: Give you that little nudge of assistance you need to get to [...]

Core training for pole dancers (Part 3: Iron X fundamentals)

If you read my previous posts on core training for pole dancers, you'll know all about anti-extension and anti-rotation core training. Today, I want to talk about the third and final category of core exercises that [...]

Cardio for pole dancers

Arrrggg noooo, cardio! *Hides under pillow*. I know, I know - cardio is as universally hated as comic sans. 🙈 It hurts, it’s sweaty, it’s frickin' hard work and it’s a proven fact that time actually [...]

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