Getting the hang of leg hangs!

Struggling to get the hang of leg hangs? Here are some simple drills you can try which will help you to practice and condition leg hang positioning—from the comfort and safety of the floor! Yey! At [...]

Pole proof your shoulders!

Here’s an awesome drill for improving shoulder health and performance that you might not have seen before – FACE PULLS! 🔻 Why are face pulls so awesome for pole dancers? 🔻 As pole dancers, we [...]

Sunday bum day: hip extension and glute strength for pole dancers

Today is Sunday – the official ‘day of butts’ for pole dancers around the world. So, it feels appropriate that I’ve sat down on my tush to write all about glute strength and why we [...]

Core training for pole dancers (Part 2: Anti-extension)

If you read my recent post on rotational core training for pole dancers, you'll know how much I love anti-rotational core training and why it's so awesome for pole. Today, I want to talk about anti-extension [...]

Postpartum pole – 3 exercises to help you return to pole faster

If you’re reading this, I'm guessing you recently had a baby. I'm also gonna hazard a guess that in the hazy space between nappy changes, night feeds and milky snuggles, thoughts of pole are beginning [...]

Polers in the gym: 4 TRX exercises for pole dancers

Put a pole dancer in the gym and, like Jaws sensing a drop of blood in the ocean from 5 kilometres away, we’ll immediately gravitate towards the pull up bars and the suspension trainers hanging [...]

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