Pole-friendly recipes

Healthy pre-pole meals that won’t leave you bloated in your Bad Kitty, protein packed post-pole dinners and yummy snacks to keep in your pole bag.

My recipes are designed to meet the demanding nutritional needs of those who love to pole.

Pizza is life

When pizza is life but you still need to watch your carbs and calories... Allow me to introduce the magic that is the tortilla wrap pizza! I know how important pizza is - I promise I wouldn't [...]

Peanut butter protein pudding

If you like peanut butter (errr, who doesn’t?) then you’ll love this super quick little pudding that packs a mighty protein punch. The Skyr yogurt used in this dish adds 14g of protein to each [...]

Why eggs love polers + 3 easy egg recipes

As you can see from this growing egg-box mountain that towers next to my fire place, I eat a crap-tonne of eggs. That isn’t just because they are super versatile, quick and easy to cook, [...]

How to ready-meal like a boss

I try my best to cook from scratch as often as possible. But frankly, between work, pole, gym, family commitments, Series-Link and stalking Eva Bembo on YouTube, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the [...]

Pay day granola

I've done that 'Good Life' thing that middle aged people do and started growing vegetables. Right now, I have rhubarb coming out of my ears. Not a problem though - you can never have too much rhubarb, [...]

Light rye bread

Today is monthly food prep day. What the hell is monthly food prep day? I hear you thinking. Well, to make sure I eat right and don’t end up taking the easy (and less healthy) food [...]

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