Pole-friendly recipes

Healthy pre-pole meals that won’t leave you bloated in your Bad Kitty, protein packed post-pole dinners and yummy snacks to keep in your pole bag.

My recipes are designed to meet the demanding nutritional needs of those who love to pole.

Roast tomato protein soup for poorly polers

I swear this soup is my saviour when I feel a lurgy coming on. High in vitamin C and packed with lovely anti-oxidant-laden fresh tomatoes and red pepper, along with flu busting garlic, protein packed [...]

Pole protein muffins

Life is busy and it's way too easy to reach for the biscuit tin. This is why we all need a quick, easy and healthy snack recipe - to save us from ourselves. Neo and I [...]

Healthy spelt pizza for pizza lovin’ polers

As I write this, it's spring time here in England and the few sunny days we've had recently (in between the snow flurrys - no, really, we have snow flurries in May now, apparently), inspired me [...]

15 minute non-pole day dinner

This recipe is so simple it feels like cheating. Serve this to a friend and they'll think some serious Gordon Ramsay-level chef skill has been going down in the kitchen. But the real secret to this recipe [...]

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