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wrap pizzaWhen pizza is life but you still need to watch your carbs and calories…

Allow me to introduce the magic that is the tortilla wrap pizza!

I know how important pizza is – I promise I wouldn’t lie to you about this – I’ve tried so many variations of “healthy” pizza – from faffy cauliflower crusts to protein cheese (don’t go there) and wrap pizza is the closest “healthy version” of actual pizza that I’ve found.

Using a tortilla wrap as a base means you can cut the carb and calorie content of pizza massively. Throw on some veggies and protein, don’t go too heavy on the cheese and voila – a healthier pizza choice that won’t break the macro bank.

And it only takes minutes to throw together!

Wrap pizza recipe

  • Tortilla wrap x 1
  • Teaspoon of passata (BBQ sauce works, too, if you’re into that kinda thing)
  • About 30g cheese (I use a little grazed mozzarella plus crumbled feta or blue cheese which is super flavourful, so you don’t need to use a lot)
  • Whatever toppings you like. I recommend including protein (e.g. chicken, tuna, pulled pork) plus a portion of veg (e.g. red pepper and onion)

These are super simple – just stick the wrap on a baking tray, spread the passata (or BBQ sauce) on top, add toppings and cheese and pop in a hot oven for about 5 minutes. Keep an eye on it – these suckas burn fast!

Nutritious pizza

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