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Want to REALLY understand the pole invert? Got 30 minutes to spare? Well then, friend – come nerd with me and my pole dancing skelly!

I created this 30 minute(-ish) presentation orginally for the Beginner Pole Dancers Summit. I had such fantastic feedback, so thought I’d share it here in case it’s useful for other beginner pole dancers who might be scouring the internets for nerdy invert knowledge!

It’s basically a deep dive into the anatomy of the basic pole invert. In it, I cover:

  • What are the movement mechanics of the invert?
  • Which muscles are we using to invert on the pole?
  • Where do we need strength to invert?

All with the help of my pole dancing skeleton!

PS If you’d rather read than watch, you can check out my blog breakdown of the pole invert here instead.

After you’ve watched the video, if you want to download my FREE Invert Training Plan, you can find that right here!

Happy pole nerding!

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