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So far, we’ve:

But if this move is still refusing to slide from your ‘nemesis’ to your ‘nailed it’ list, remember that like all pole tricks, the Cupid requires a combination of awareness, strength and skill.

As a Strength and Conditioning Coach, I’m always coming at pole development from the first two angles 1) understanding the move biomechanically and 2) building the strength to perform it, but all the strength and knowledge in the world won’t land you a trick unless you also work on learning the skill itself.

So the best way to master a skill like the Cupid is to a) understand what’s involved; b) make sure you are strong enough for it; and c) get a good instructor to take you through the steps to achieve it in-person!

Trick tutorials are not my thang – I’m keeping this blog very firmly focused on the first two elements. But I want to quickly touch on the skill side of things with one super simple Cupid ‘top tip’…

Neo’s Cupid top tip

I asked over on my Insta page for questions on the Cupid and what came back was many of variations of “how do I stop the bottom foot from sliding?”.

I hear ya.

When first learning this trick, holding that bottom foot in place feels like an impossibility. If you have a tacky grip aid, you CAN apply a little of that to your bottom foot to help give you a little extra tacky confidence, but once you’ve found your cupid ‘sweet spot’, I promise you won’t need it. That bottom foot ‘sliding’ is more about getting the positioning right – and the engagement of the adductors on that bottom leg. Refer back to my Cupid Anatomy post if you want a refresh on that!

Playing around with the positioning of your bottom foot when transitioning into the Cupid can make a HUGE difference!

If you’d rather watch than read, you can see my favourite Cupid tip in the super short video below!

Placing the foot too low puts your top hip in a much greater degree of abduction and flexion and is much more challenging to hold. Placing your foot nice and high on the pole (like, what initially feels weirdly high) allows you to get that leverage to ‘push’ through the bottom leg and find your sweet spot for the Cupid.

Yeah, yeah, my bottom foot might not look so pretty when placing it on the pole like that, but I promise, once you find that sweet spot and your body learns where it is, you’ll eventually be able to ditch the flexed foot and move right into it or play around with making it look more elegant / more intentional than I can! Over to you, pole dancers of the world!

This cue really helped me when I was learning this move and I hope it opens a new avenue for you to explore, too!

Please tag me in all your Cupids! I wanna see all those love babies!

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