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After 2 weeks of your training, I can now handspring – something I have been trying to learn for the last 3 years. Just thought you should know how amazing you are!!
Lesley (online client)
Can’t thank you enough. Your program is exactly what I was looking for! Can’t wait to join your Facebook group.
Melanie (online client)
I tried your handstand gym session on Sunday, and I am feeling it today!! This is just what I need to get myself training again. I love being able to film myself, keep notes etc and this has really motivated me to get my butt in gear.
Les (online client)
Just started this week and am really enjoying it! The app is super clear and easy to follow – I like the way it repeats so I can listen to your instructions whilst I am doing my reps. It is good to have the written and visual guidance and different levels to make things easier or more difficult! Fab!
Anni (online client)

Product Description

The perfect Christmas gift for the poler in your life!

Give the gift of pole to a pole dancer you love! <3

Voucher can be redeemed for ANY of my 6-8 week programmes – I currently have 5 to choose from:

  • No-Kick Invert
  • Shoulder Mount
  • Handstand Deadlift
  • Strength and Stretch for Splits
  • Pole Proof Shoulders (coming very soooon!)

All online programmes are provided through the Pole PT app. You will be sent a pdf voucher that you can either print or email to your friend. The voucher will include a code and full instructions for your friend to follow to download the app and start the programme of their choice.

What your friend will receive:

All programmes include:

  • Scheduled workouts each week both on and off the pole
  • Progress tracking and accountability
  • Access to my private, client-only Facebook group for support
  • All provided direct to your friend’s computer, tablet or mobile phone through the Pole PT app

What else you need to know

These programmes are strength and conditioning programmes – not trick tutorials!

No-kick invert – before starting this programme, your friend will need to be comfortable with basic spins and familiar with the technique and grip for inverting. This is the perfect programme for beginners.

Shoulder mount – this is not a beginner move – before starting this programme, your friend must already be very confident with their inverts (without kicking) and leg grips and familiar with the technique and grip for shoulder mounts (we use cup grip in this programme).

Deadlift handstand – before starting this programme, your friend must be comfortable with basic moves on the pole and familiar with twisted grip. They don’t need to have their (kick up) handstand already, although they will progress much faster if they do.

Strength and stretch for splits – this programme is suitable for all levels and perfect for the pole dancer who doesn’t have access to a pole or gym as all workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment. What pole dancer doesn’t want a beautiful front split for Christmas?!

Pole Proof Shoulders – my brand new programme! This one is for ALL pole dancers – from beginner to advanced – who want to improve their shoulder mobility and strength to progress faster and reduce risk of injury.

If you have any queries on my Christmas vouchers for pole dancers, please email me (Neo):

Eat, pole and be merry!

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Shoulder mount, Deadlift Handstand, No Kick Invert


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