Here’s an awesome drill for improving shoulder health and performance that you might not have seen before – FACE PULLS!

Why are face pulls so awesome for pole dancers?
As pole dancers, we spend a lot of time hanging from our arms, which puts hella stress on our shoulders. Face pulls:

👉 Strengthen the shoulder stabilisers which play a major role in shoulder health and pole performance
👉Improve and strengthen scapular retraction and upward rotation which helps to improve general posture and strengthen external rotation to combat a very common tendency among pole dancers to internally rotate (round the shoulders forwards).

Put them in your warm up 👉 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps regularly as part of your warm up for pole or for the gym 👍Any questions, just ask!

If you want to start a regular shoulder care practice for your pole shoulders that will help you to reduce risk of injury and improve your shoulder strength and mobility so you can progress to more advanced moves – check out my online Pole Proof Shoulders programme in the Pole PT app! With all the accountability you need to stay on track! >>>Pole proof shoulders – the ultimate shoulder care and strength package for pole dancers!<<<

Please remember, we are all different, with varying mobility and strength limitations and our own unique training schedules and lifestyles, so we all have a different starting point. My best advice? Become an expert in the basics! The Face Pull, done correctly, will help you do just that.

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