Here’s an awesome drill for improving shoulder health and performance that you might not have seen before – FACE PULLS!

Why are face pulls so awesome for pole dancers?
As pole dancers, we spend a lot of time hanging from our arms, which puts hella stress on our shoulders. Face pulls:

👉 Strengthen the shoulder stabilisers which play a major role in shoulder health and pole performance
👉Improve and strengthen scapular retraction and upward rotation which helps to improve general posture and combat a very common problem among pole dancers – internal rotation (forward rounding) of the shoulders.

Put them in your warm up 👉 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps regularly as part of your warm up for pole or for the gym 👍Any questions, just ask!

If you want to learn more about the impact pole has on our shoulders (with loads more resistance band drills for the rotator cuffs that should form an essential part of your injury prevention arsenal), check out my blog post >>>8 Strength Drills to Avoid Crunchy Pole Shoulders<<<.

Please remember, we are all different, with varying mobility and strength limitations and our own unique training schedules and lifestyles, so we all have a different starting point. My best advice? Become an expert in the basics! The Face Pull, done correctly, will help you do just that.

If you’d like a fully personalised programme to help you build strength for pole that takes into account your individual abilities and circumstances, you can find more information about my online personal training for pole dancers here.

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