Sticking point in your handspring deadlift? Getting the deadlift rage?  I hear ya!

Using a resistance band to assist with your handspring deadlift can:

Give you that little nudge of assistance you need to get to the other side of that sticking point! Hallelujah!
Allow you to work through the full movement so you know what it feels like, start to establish the movement pattern of the lift and understand which muscles to engage
Strengthen the muscles needed to nail the unassisted version (make sure you work hard on controlling that decent)
Build confidence in the move
Stop you going insane 

IMPORTANT  The band is assisting you, not doing all the work for you… so you need a super solid and confident Ayesha and handspring before trying this.

It works in any grip – I’m using cup grip here – not my strongest, but I’m currently on a cup grip mission!  It can take some faffing to get the right resistance (play with different strength bands and the height of the band to get it right for you). The band I’m using is the lightest one in my set. Have fun. 

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