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Mindset coaching for pole with...

Mindset coaching for pole with...

Strong body, strong mind.

We all want to feel strong for pole – it’s why you joined a Pole PT strength programme in the first place, right?

But whether you are lacking in motivation, facing a mental block, or gearing up to compete, mindset is a huge part of the pole equation, too. 

Pole is an awesome sport, but so many of us put insane pressure on ourselves to match the crazy tricks we see on Instagram. When we feel we don’t measure up it can hold us back from reaching our pole potential. 

This wreaks havoc on our pole-jo. 

It can make us fall out of love with pole and the freedom it brings us… which is just plain wrong.

Pole is where we fall in love with our body and its power every day. Pole is where we push our boundaries and explore new ways to move and flow. Pole is where we live our best life and nothing should stand in our way!

Pole PT Coach, Seonaidh Jamieson, is an experienced mindset coach and NLP Practitioner. She uses a series of techniques to help you change how you think and feel about specific aspects of your life.

We’ll let Lucy share how powerful this approach really is…

Unleash Your Inner Ninja to…

  • Boost your self esteem
  • Overcome mental blocks and confidence lows
  • Handle phobias and fears that impact your training
  • Boost your performance
  • Overcome a lack of motivation or other ‘stuck’ feelings
  • Banish limiting beliefs!

Ready to Unleash your Inner Ninja?

  • Book a session in the next Unleash your Inner Ninja Clinic!
  • Answer the questions in the booking form openly and honestly. 
  • Arrive for your session with an open mind and interruption free time.
  • Unleash your inner ninja!