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Inside leg hang rotation drill

Come into a glute bridge position next to the pole, adjust your positioning so you end up with the pole touching your side in that ‘squishy spot’ right between your ribs and pelvis. Hold your hips up and straighten your inside leg.

Step 1: bring that leg towards the pole.

Step 2: Externally rotate that leg as much as you can.

Step 3: Bring the leg towards you so the foot moves in front of the pole.

Step 4: Bend your knee and position your leg on the pole if you can.

Pause for a moment, then reverse the movement back to the start.

If you can’t get your leg onto the pole yet, just follow the same sequence but bend the leg where you can, focusing on keeping that external rotation engagement.

You can also use this exercise to play around with these 4 different elements to see if you can find a good sweet spot for your inside leg hang position – remember, it might look different to mine!