Iguana strength and conditioning [Anatomy of Pole Dance Series]

Since I started writing this Iguana series, the world has been turned on its head. Gyms and pole studios around the world are closing their doors and many of us are facing a pole-less existence [...]

I-guana, you-guana – we all wanna Iguana! [Anatomy of pole dance series]

This week, as part of my Anatomy of Pole Dance Series, we’re taking a closer look at the Iguana – a pole move that is as magical as its reptilian-namesake with a cheeky reputation for [...]

Dear Ayesha… [Anatomy of Pole Dance Series]

Dear Ayesha, we have questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS! As part of my anatomy of pole series, I am looking this week at the Ayesha. In my last post we talked about the #1 stumbling block [...]

The #1 reason your Ayesha sucks [Anatomy of pole dance series]

When I announced I was writing a blog about the anatomy of the Ayesha, I received soooo many awesome questions. It’s not surprising this move is so puzzling. The Ayesha is both a pole-goal must-have [...]

Laying down the layback [Anatomy of pole dance series]

Ahhh, the layback (otherwise known as cross-knee release / cross-ankle release – and probably many, MANY other names around the world) has always fascinated me. Partly because when I first learnt it myself, it was [...]

Chatting about the book – my first ever interview!

Over last 18 months, I have dedicated every ounce of writing energy I had to The Book, but now THE BEAST is finally finished, I promise more blog content is coming! I have some big, [...]

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