Chatting about the book – my first ever interview!

Over last 18 months, I have dedicated every ounce of writing energy I had to The Book, but now THE BEAST is finally finished, I promise more blog content is coming! I have some big, [...]

Strength and conditioning for pole – THE BOOK!

**UPDATE** - OMG the book is FINISHED! Pre-orders are open >>CLICK HERE<< to order today! I'm sorry I've been even quietier than usual on the blog lately. My intention is to post more regularly here [...]

Stability Ball Exercises on the Pole

In my last blog, we used the ball to add an extra CHALLENGE to *progress* bodyweight exercises. Now we’re using the ball to *ASSIST* with and *REGRESS* pole movements instead. Yey, progressions = my favourite! [...]

Stability Ball Circuit for Pole Dancers

Most us have one of these giant balls kicking about in our spare rooms/studios. Sadly, like the old exercise bike in the spare room relegated to live out its days as an expensive clothes hanger, [...]

Is Twisted Grip Really that Bad? Part 3: Convert to Cup Grip

For the final part of my Twisted Grip series, I’d like to actually move the focus AWAY from twisted grip. But bear with me, it’s still ‘on topic’, I promise. As wise owl Sarah Scott [...]

Is Twisted Grip Really that Bad? Part 2: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It

If you made it to the end of the MONSTER BLOG that was Part 1 in this series – I salute you, dedicated seeker of handspring knowledge! *If you missed my ponderings over the biomechanics [...]

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