Our mission!

To help pole dancers get hella STRONG!

We do this by:

Spreading knowledge and awareness of science-based, pole-specific strength and conditioning through our online and in-print content.
Helping pole dancers reach their potential with strength and conditioning and performance support through our online training programmes.

Our mission!

To help pole dancers get hella STRONG!

We do this by:

Spreading knowledge and awareness of science-based, pole-specific strength and conditioning through our online and in-print content.
Helping pole dancers reach their potential with strength and conditioning and performance support through our online training programmes.

Meet The Pole PT Team...

Tabletop splits pole
Head Coach

Neola Wilby

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Author and CEO

Hi I'm Neo, Head Coach and CEO! I’m in charge of all things Strength and Conditioning, programming, coaching and running the biz!

I’m also chief content creator, blog writer (yes, I know I should do that more often, but in my defence, may I present to you all the other jobs on this list?), author, book publisher and distributor extraordinaire!

I started The Pole PT in 2016 with one goal: to bring more science-based, pole-specific strength and conditioning into the world of pole. It’s been a wild ride! I’ve had the pleasure of being part of hundreds of pole journeys through my online coaching. I published my book, Strength and Conditioning for Pole, in 2019, selling almost 10,000 copies around the world!


Seriously. Every day I have to pinch myself because I get to do this thing that I love – and it’s my actual job! How cool is that?

Before qualifying as a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, I was a Group Exercise Instructor with a penchant for HIIT classes and have been writing about fitness for a reeally long time. Pre-Pole PT, I wrote for other fitness businesses around the world and had some of my fitness articles published in Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Go me!

Digging a little deeper into my history, before I found my passion for lifting things up and putting them down, I worked as a solicitor (post-qualification) for 4 years. I spent no less than 6 YEARS qualifying for this widely respected high-brow career which I promptly ditched at age 30. I wholeheartedly blame Ally Mcbeal for that episode of my life!

Needless to say, I skipped quite merrily away from the legal profession into the strong, muscular arms of fitness and pole dance - and never looked back!

Advanced Pole Instructor

Colleen Jolly

Advanced Instructor and Performer

As the HBIC of PoleCon, the world’s largest and oldest pole event and the Executive Director of the IPIA (the pole industry’s first trade association), you’ve probably seen Colleen around if you’ve been part of the pole community for a while.

The amount of accolades this absolute boss lady has on both her pole and ‘off the pole’ CVs is outstanding! They include: 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry as a trainer, coach, teacher, performer. Certified in personal training, pole dance, yoga, mobility, floorwork, TRX, and lyra.

Colleen is an award-winning competitor and performs regularly (and amazingly!). Did you know she performed with Snoop Dogg – say whaaat? Oh, you know we had to get that name drop in there!

Colleen comes from a corporate background which you can see in the clear and professional way she teaches, but she quite beautifully meshes that business-like approach with a warm and encouraging teaching style. She has a unique ability for finding wonderfully creative verbal and physical cues.

As the Pole PT Advanced Instructor, Colleen leads on trick and technique support for Pole PT Clients in the Pole PT Online Client Support Group as well as being a big part of content creation for our social media channels.

Pole PT Coach

Seonaidh Jamieson

Personal Trainer and Mindset Coach

Seonaidh (pronounced ‘Shona’) is a Pole Dance Instructor, Personal Trainer and NLP Practitioner.

As a Pole PT Coach, Seonaidh works hard to support our pole ninja clients through their online programmes.

As well as being a kick ass Personal Trainer, Seonaidh is also an experienced mindset coach.

‘Your body achieves what your mind believes’ is a hard truth that is especially apparent in very challenging physical sports where there is a big fear element. Well hello pole... challenging – yup! Fear element – yup!

Getting strong for pole is not just about having strong shoulders and buns of steel. You need your head in the game, too!

In her coaching, Seonaidh beautifully meshes her technical knowledge of strength training with a very caring and strategic focus on mindset. It’s a magical combo of strong and smarts.

Seonaidh also plays a key part of programme development and content creation at the Pole PT, helping to add an extra focus on mindset into our online training programmes as well as helping to drive the science-focus of our online content.

She is also THE BEST person to go for a walk with. Seonaidh will quite casually segue from chatting anxiety coping strategies to facts about moss - and we bloody love her for it!

Pole PT Client Support

Sophia Thompson

Personal Trainer and Pole Dance Instructor

Sophia (aka Coco) is a certified and experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer, Fitness and Pole Dance Instructor.

With experience of running her own pole studio and high-energy fitness classes, Coco brings THE BEST vibe to the Pole PT Client Care Team.

Coco comes from a background working in the health sector, supporting and empowering adults to make positive lifestyle changes through weight management, stopping smoking, alcohol awareness, physical activity and SO MUCH more!

Combine that experience with 8 years of pole training, 6 years of teaching, certifications in some of the most fun and high energy fitness classes around (I’m talking Twerk, dancehall, Cardio Tennis and Stomp level energy!) – Coco is the PERFECT person to help keep our Pole PT Clients feeling motivated, positive and on top form!

As well as helping with client support and motivation in the Pole PT Online Client Support Group, Coco will be bringing her infectious positivity to the Pole PT Cardio for Pole series (coming soon for Pole PT Clients!).

Pole PT Physio

Georgina Watson


Georgina (or ‘G’ as we call her) is a Chartered Physiotherapist. She graduated from Coventry University with a BSc (Hons) in 2015 and as well as working within the NHS as a rotational physiotherapist, with experience in a variety of settings including: musculoskeletal, trauma and orthopaedics, critical care, neurology and neurological rehabilitation, Georgina also runs Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy where she specialises in treatment and recovery of performers within the circus industry.

It's no secret that we're all pole-loving body nerds here at The Pole PT, but as our in-house physio, Georgina is our resident body nerd Queen!

As the Pole PT Physio, Georgina not only helps to support Pole PT Clients as part of the Pole PT Client Care Team, particularly when it comes to the topic of pain and injury, but she also plays an important role in programme and content reviews, programme development and content creation.

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