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Seated straddle leg lifts – single leg

Come into a seated straddle position close to your pole or a wall and sit with a really nice tall spine, keeping a neutral arch in your lower back. Lean your shoulders back slightly to rest against the pole but without losing that spinal position, so you’re trying to avoid rounding the spine and tucking the pelvis under. Thinking about keeping your hips tilted forward slightly will make the exercise harder because we’re really isolating the end range of our hip flexibility.

From here, lift one leg at a time, holding the end point for a count of 5 seconds if you can. Shake the legs out between reps if you need to!

If you want to advance this, bring your torso forwards and perform the same movement from here, but keep an eye out for that back rounding and only lift as high as you can without changing that spinal position, even if the movement is only really small.