**UPDATE** – OMG the book is FINISHED! Pre-orders are open >>CLICK HERE<< to order today!

I’m sorry I’ve been even quietier than usual on the blog lately. My intention is to post more regularly here but as a one-woman-band, I have to prioritise carefully my many roles as The Pole PT. Between my actual job of coaching and programming for my awesome clients, as well as producing new content, staying on top of all my behind the scenes processes, not to mention marketing… etc etc, there just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes!

Anyway, there is another BIG reason I haven’t been very active on the blog recently: I’ve been putting all my creative energy into THE BOOK! OMG THE BOOK!

Because I’ve had my head firmly glued to my laptop screen for the best part of a year researching and writing this beast of a book in between writing programmes and looking after my clients, I feel like I’m slowly emerging from the deep hole that THE BOOK sucked me into. The end is in sight and the light through the tunnel is looking hella bright!

The book has taken over my life but I am insanely excited and proud that it’s almost time to share it with you.

Strength and Conditioning for Pole is currently being polished with the Proofreader. The i’s are being dotted and the t’s are being crossed as we speak! In the meantime, I have HUNDREDS of photographs to edit and am working with an illustrator to produce some of the ‘anatomy of pole’ images that will help to bring to life some of the concepts discussed in the book.

For now, I can share with you the ‘blurb’ about the book, so you know what’s coming as well as a sneak peek at some of the images I am creating for the book. Please stay tuned as I will be opening pre-orders as soon as I can!

I’m hoping that the book will be ready for print in July. Eeeeek! I can’t wait to see this baby come together! Thank you all so much for your ongoing support!

Books about pole dance

Strength and conditioning for pole dance – the blurb for the book!

Progress faster, perform better and reduce your risk of injury with progressive exercise programming designed specifically for pole dancers!

Whether you already compete professionally or are just taking your first tentative steps around the pole, this book sets out a framework from which you can create your own pole-specific training programme, based on your unique goals and individual level.

A well-designed strength and conditioning programme should reflect the characteristics and skills of an athlete’s sport, as well as the muscle groups used, mechanical forces involved, and energy systems utilised. This book analyses the movements, shapes and physiology of pole dance and provides a step-by-step formula so you can benchmark your strength and flexibility and work towards improving it in a logical, progressive way.

As a comprehensive training resource for pole dancers, Strength and Conditioning for Pole also explains the sports science theory behind WHY this programming works and includes every ‘on’ and ‘off the pole’ exercise progression you’ll need to build your programme, PLUS you will also receive access to the exclusive Pole PT online video library when you purchase the book!

Ready to take your pole training to the next level?


**UPDATE** – the book is finished! CLICK HERE for more info!