If you read my recent post on rotational core training for pole dancers, you’ll know how much I love anti-rotational core training and why it’s so awesome for pole. Today, I want to talk about anti-extension core training – what ‘anti-extension’ means, why it has a big impact on your pole moves and how you can add it to your training to start kicking some serious pole ass.

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I often programme ab roll outs for my clients as a primary anti-extension exercise, beginning with Swiss ball roll outs and progressing to ab wheel/barbell rollouts and suspension trainer roll outs (usually around 8 to 10 reps for 3 sets), along with an anti-rotational core movement, an anti-flexion movement and an anti-lateral flexion movement (more on those later). If you want to know more about why I programme core training in this way, you can read more in my post >>Resist the (rotational) force! The key to core strength for pole<<.

Anti-extension training has some awesome cross-over benefits for polers, but we are all different, with varying mobility and strength limitations and our own unique training schedules, so we all have different starting point. My best advice? Get good in the basics first!

If you’d like to geek out more with me on the biomechanics of pole dance, or you want more details on how to programme your core training for pole, check out my book – Strength and Conditioning for Pole – which is available now in hard copy or as a downloadable ebook!

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