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If you’re on an inside leg hang mission right now – come, let’s play!

If you missed it, head over to my previous post The secret to your most beauuuutiful inside leg hang yet! which covers the nerdy explanation behind why I’ve chosen the exercises here for your inside leg hang ‘mish’!

This workout is focused on hip rotation specifically, which I’ve found to be a key limiting factor for those struggling with their inside leg hang. It goes without saying that this might not be the limiting factor for YOU! Please consider all the different elements of the leg hang covered in my [previous post], your own strengths and weaknesses and ideally work with a coach who can help you navigate all of that ‘stuff’ to make your training really specific to the things YOU need to focus on most!

With that said, if you know your hip rotation is holding you back from the inside leg hang of your dreams, I put these exercises together to give you a gentle nudge in the direction towards that most dreamy inside leg hang.

This workout is a circuit of 4 exercises – a combination of foam rolling, end-range active strength exercises and passive stretching both ‘on’ and ‘off’ the pole. scroll to the end for the full workout including the movement prep, reps and sets!

Let’s get it!

4 Inside leg hang exercises

Exercise #1: Resisted external rotation supine

Here, we’re using the band to create resistance (the band is pulling our leg towards internal rotation), we’re using the strength in our external rotators to resist that.

Exercise #2: Internal hip rotation in tabletop

While the focus of this workout is on external hip rotation, I’ve included this internal rotation drill to help balance the workout and also because building awareness and control in both internal AND external hip rotation is important not just for leg hangs, but for everything we do on the pole!

Exercise #3: 90-90 active stretch

Here, we’re actively pushing that front leg into the floor, engaging our external hip rotators as we move our torso closer to our leg (bringing our hip into deeper flexion).

Exercise #4: Inside leg hang progression

Here, we’re exploring the engagement of hip flexion, abduction and external rotation around the inside leg hang position.

Don’t worry if you can’t get your leg onto the pole yet, the idea is to help you feel and understand how those different elements can be applied to move in and out of your inside leg hang, and to help you find your own inside leg hang ‘sweet spot’.

Once you can get the leg in position, you can also use this exercise to help you get used to the grip point (I’d recommend doing that in shorts so you can really get a feel for it)!

Please refer to the table below for the full workout which contains important movement prep and a post workout development stretch!

Inside leg hang workout summary

WARM UP5 mins general warm up (anything that gets your heart rate up a little – or tag this circuit onto the end of another workout!)
MOVEMENT PREPUnder and overs x 5 each way
90-90 switches x 10
Hip circles x 3 each side
FOAM ROLLFew minutes on Adductors
Few minutes on glutes and hip rotators
Focus on the areas where you feel tightest!
CIRCUITSee above for the videos – I’m just listing them here with reps and sets for ease of reference!

Exercise #1: Resisted external rotation supine
5 second hold in end range (x 5 reps)
Exercise #2: Internal hip rotation in tabletop
5 second holds in end range (x 5 reps)
Exercise #3: 90-90 active stretch
5 second lower, 5 second hold (x 5 reps)
Exercise #4: Inside leg hang progression
6-8 reps on each side

Rest when you need to keep good form and do this circuit 2-3 times through!
STRETCHGlute stretch – 30s each side

Happy leg hang training!

PS – If you like my pole-specific workout ideas, check out my downloadable Training Workbooks for pole dancers – progressive 6-week training programs to help you get directly at those pole goals! Lemme at ’em!